An unknown, off the beaten track, yet astonishing destination in the middle of no-where, perfect for nature lovers and outdoor activities.

Las Loras within Spain, map by Las Loras Geopark

Landlocked in Northern Spain, between the provinces of Burgos and Palencia, and barely populated Las Loras became a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2017. According to Wikivoyage a Geopark is “a region with a great geological heritage and various ways by which the geology is explained to the visitor”. But even if you aren’t interested in geology you will probably enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the park, like the waterfall in Orbaneja del Castillo (featured photo from Wikimedia Commons).

Some facts related to Las Loras Geopark that may help you to understand it:

  • Area: 950.76 km² (95 076 ha)
  • Population (of the Geopark itself): Around 8 000 – 9 000 inhab.
  • Population (of the municipalities): 12 000 inhab.
  • Largest town: Aguilar de Campoo (7 000 inhab.)
  • Main municipalities: Aguilar de Campoo (7 300 inhab.), Villadiego (1 650 inhab.), Sedano Valley (490 inhab.)